About us

Welcome to Chic Crystals Boutique!

Chic Crystals was founded in the year of 2006 by Madlen . A mom of two handsome boys. With her background in Makeup Artistry and the birth of her nieces Aileen and Audrina, she started making accessories for them and she really wanted to work from home to be with her two boys all the time. The exploration of different elements, colors and textures gave her the edges for her creativity. For Chic Crystals accessories she only uses the very best, carefully selected products in the market today. All of Chic Crystals products are assembled in the U.S. Madlen believes that home grown is best because of the quality and care that each product deserves.

Innocence, purity and imagination is what she sees in all princesses eyes. Her biggest joy is to touch with a gentle hand every little girl's life with just a simple detail on her hair or tutu for where ever imagination may take her. She uses satin, French velvet, silk, chiffon, organza, French vail and more delicate fabrics, pearls and Swarovski rhinestones. Madlen believes it's all accessories that make you "feel like a princess".

We thank you for the opportunity to share with you each special moment.